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Future Gaming and Hotel Services, a relatively obscure gaming company headquartered in Coimbatore, has emerged as the foremost contributor of electoral bonds, according to recent data disclosed by the Election Commission of India in compliance with a Supreme Court directive. Founded in 1991 by Santiago Martin, dubbed the ‘Lottery King’ of India, Future Gaming made substantial contributions totaling ₹1,368 crore in electoral bonds between April 12, 2019, and January 24, 2024. The company’s prominence in this regard is underscored by the data released on March 14, although this may change as further information is expected to be made available, as directed by the court to include data up to February 15, 2024.

Santiago Martin Controversy

Martin’s journey in the lottery industry began at the tender age of 13, and since then, he has meticulously built an extensive marketing network across India, comprising both buyers and sellers of lotteries. However, his reputation has not been without controversy, with multiple encounters with the law and scrutiny from investigative agencies.

In December 2021, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) seized properties worth ₹19.5 crore under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act. Allegations dating back to May of the preceding year accuse Martin and his companies of unlawfully profiting, leading to a purported loss of ₹910 crore to the government of Sikkim by inflating prize-winning ticket claims between April 1, 2009, and August 31, 2010. Moreover, in 2015, ED officials confiscated ₹100 crore in cash discovered at a residence in Siliguri, North Bengal, reportedly intended for the Bihar elections.

Santiago Martin Consul General Liberia

In addition to his ventures in India, Martin also served as the Consul General for Liberia, where he played a pivotal role in establishing a flourishing lottery industry. Presently, he holds the position of President within the All India Federation of Lottery Trade and Allied Industries, a coalition representing lottery distributors, stockists, and agents.

Future Gaming presence

Operating through subsidiaries such as Martin Karnataka and Martin Sikkim Lottery, Future Gaming has established a significant presence in 13 states where lotteries are legally permitted, including Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Goa, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Punjab, Sikkim, and West Bengal.

The company boasts a workforce of over 1,000 individuals and has pioneered live telecasts of lottery draws conducted by various governmental bodies for lotteries distributed through their platform, marking a significant milestone in the Indian lottery industry.

Megha Engineering

Ranked as the second-largest buyer of electoral bonds based on data released on March 14, Megha Engineering Ltd., a Hyderabad-based infrastructure and construction company, along with its affiliate Western UP Power Transmission Co., purchased electoral bonds valued at ₹1,186 crore.

In addition to Future Gaming, the electoral bond data highlights contributions from various other notable companies across the nation. The State Bank of India, which facilitated the issuance of electoral bonds, has disclosed data regarding the redemption of these bonds by political parties. Subsequently, the Election Commission of India has made both donor and recipient data accessible to the public, following a Supreme Court order mandating disclosure by March 15.

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Future Gaming and Hotel Services: All you need to know about the largest electoral bonds donor

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