Powerball jackpot won!

In Oregon, a Powerball enthusiast struck gold on Sunday by clinching a jackpot exceeding $1.3 billion, putting an end to a lengthy dry spell that had persisted for over three months.

Powerball jackpot $1.326 billion

After a delay of over three hours to the drawing, a solitary ticket emerged victorious, perfectly aligning with all six numbers drawn to secure the $1.326 billion jackpot, as announced by Powerball.

Powerball jackpot cash value $621 million

The jackpot offers a cash value of $621 million should the winner opt for a lump-sum payment instead of spreading it over 30 years through an annuity, consisting of an immediate payout followed by 29 annual installments. However, winners must bear in mind that the prize is subject to federal taxes, and in many states, lottery winnings are also subject to taxation.

Powerball winning numbers

The winning numbers unveiled in the early hours of Sunday were: 22, 27, 44, 52, 69, along with the red Powerball 9. With this fortunate turn of events, the lucky Powerball player from Oregon has undoubtedly secured a life-changing windfall.

— Powerball jackpot won! —

Source: AP
Winning Powerball jackpot ticket worth $1.3 billion sold in Portland, Oregon

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What are Powerball winning numbers?

Powerball winning numbers on Mon, 5-20-2024 are:
5 red

When is next Powerball drawing?

Next Powerball drawing is on Wed, 5-22-2024

What is estimated Powerball jackpot?

Next estimated Powerball jackpot is $100 Million

Powerball jackpot won