Santiago Martin: The Lottery King Who Bankrolled Indian Politics

Santiago Martin, the man behind a vast lottery empire across India, has become a central figure in a political funding controversy. His company, Future Gaming and Hotel Services Pvt. Ltd, emerged as the biggest donor under a recently scrapped scheme that allowed anonymous donations to political parties.

From Rags to Riches via Lottery Tickets

Martin’s story is one of rags to riches. Born in 1961 on India’s Andaman Islands, he reportedly spent his teenage years as a daily wage laborer in what is now Myanmar. In the 1980s, he returned to India and started working in a tea shop in Tamil Nadu. It was here that he witnessed the widespread popularity of lottery tickets, particularly among the poor. This sparked an idea that would transform his life.

Building a Lottery Empire

Martin opened his first lottery shop in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Recognizing a gap in the market, he introduced a popular “two-digit” lottery system, offering instant gratification through scratch cards. This, coupled with live televised draws facilitated by his company, fueled a surge in sales.

An observer described witnessing crowds huddled around small shops, glued to tiny TVs displaying lottery results. While this brought Martin immense success, critics point out the addictive nature of instant-win lotteries, potentially leading many to financial ruin.

Expansion and Controversy

Martin’s lottery business soon transcended Tamil Nadu, reaching neighboring states like Karnataka and Kerala. He eventually expanded his empire to northern and northeastern India, even venturing into Bhutan. By 2001, reports claimed he sold a staggering 12 million lottery tickets daily, striking deals with several state governments for distribution.

However, success wasn’t without controversy. Martin faced accusations of tax evasion, claiming prize money from unsold tickets, and manipulating lottery draws. His associates defended him, blaming competitors and politicians for concocting these allegations.

Setbacks and Shifting Sands

In 2003, Tamil Nadu banned the sale of lottery tickets due to concerns about their social impact. This blow forced Martin to diversify his business interests into real estate, hospitality, and steel. Additionally, in 2011, he was arrested on land-grabbing charges, spending time in jail before securing bail.

His company continues to battle legal issues related to lottery fraud. Despite the accusations, Martin’s company maintains a facade of clean operations, claiming adherence to regulations in all their business ventures.

Political Connections and Unanswered Questions

Martin’s political connections have also raised eyebrows. In 2007, a communist leader in Kerala criticized his party for accepting a donation from Martin, leading to the money’s return. He also ventured into filmmaking, producing a Tamil film with a script written by the leader of the DMK party, the current ruling party in Tamil Nadu. This film received mostly negative reviews.

The recent electoral bond data revealed that over half (more than 5 billion rupees) of the bonds purchased by Martin’s company went to the DMK party. This raises questions about the party accepting such a large donation considering the lottery ban in Tamil Nadu. The DMK maintains it hasn’t made any concessions to Martin’s company.

Adding another layer of intrigue, Martin’s family members have political affiliations of their own. His son-in-law belongs to a party opposing the ruling BJP, while his wife is a member of a BJP ally.

As investigations and public scrutiny continue, Santiago Martin, the ‘lottery king,’ remains an enigmatic figure at the center of a political funding controversy.

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Source: BBC
Santiago Martin: The Lottery King

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Santiago Martin: The Lottery King
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